21 марта 2007
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Kaspersky Anti-Virus v6.0.2.621 - Final
Антивирус нового поколения, предназначенный для комплексной защиты персональных компьютеров. Не вдаваясь в подробности замечу, что за счет специального алгоритма работы у неё очень высокий процент определения вирусов, в том числе и еще неизвестных. Антивирус Касперского умеет проверять на вирусы почтовые базы данных и получаемые письма вместе с приложениями к ним; программа очень хорошо определяет макровирусы, внедренные в документы Microsoft Office, а также проверяет наиболее популярные форматы архивов. Антивирус Касперского® 6.0 надежно защищает персональный компьютер от проникновения всех типов вирусов и шпионских программ. Версия максимально адаптированная по новую операционную систему!


Kaspersky™ Anti-Virus (KAV) provides all types of anti-virus protection: anti-virus scan-ners, monitors, behavior blockers and integrity checkers. It supports all of the most popular operating systems, e-mail gateways and firewalls. KAV controls all possible virus entry points. Kaspersky Lab's powerful and flexible local and network management tools for auto-mation and centralized installation and control over anti-virus protection provide maximum convenience and minimum time wasted when building your own structure of an anti-virus defense.
Kaspersky Ant-Virus Personal Pro provides full-scale protection with some additional protective components a behavior blocker and integrity checker; appropriate for experienced users seeking the best anti-virus protection.

Kaspersky® Anti-Virus 6.0 combines reactive antivirus detection methods with the latest proactive technologies to provide your computer with the most effective protection against malicious programs. The product is simple to install and set up, while offering advanced users a range of versatile settings for fine-tuning the program.
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems (including Microsoft Windows x64) and is fully compatible with other security programs (for example, firewalls).

Main Advantages:
* Combined antivirus technologies. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 relies upon integrated methods to scan for viruses: the reactive method (using signature databases) and proactive protection (behavior blocker and heuristic analysis).
* Optimized for use on laptops. Users of laptops benefit from an economy mode that conserves battery energy, while users of WiFi (wireless)Internet services can automatically update antivirus databases. The program has been optimized for use on laptops based on Intel Centrino mobile technology, and for use on computers with Intel processors that support Hyper-Threading technology.
* Simplicity and convenience. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 is installed and set up in a matter of minutes, while the context-sensitive help function helps users quickly understand the finer points of the program’s capabilities. Moreover, the program regularly notifies users of its current protection status and gives recommendations for dealing with virus epidemics and potential threats.

Key Features:

*** Antivirus protection:
- Protection for email. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 scans email traffic for viruses according to the protocol via which it is sent (POP3, IMAP and NNTP for incoming mail and SMTP for outgoing mail) on any mail program, while plug-ins and treatment for viruses in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express mail databases are offered.
- Scanning of Internet traffic. All HTTP Internet traffic is scanned for viruses in real-time, ensuring that infected objects are not saved to the computer’s hard disk.
- Protection for file systems. Individual files, catalogues and disks can be designated for antivirus scanning. Users can limit antivirus scanning to critical areas of the operating system and startup objects to ensure that attention is focused on the most vulnerable areas of the system.

*** Proactive protection:
- Control over changes in the file system. With Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 it is possible to compile lists of applications, the component structure of which will be controlled, thus helping to prevent malicious programs from undermining the integrity of the application.
- Monitors processes in the memory. The product monitors the activity of programs and processes that have been launched in the computer’s memory and, at the same time, warns users of any dangerous, suspicious or hidden processes (that is, rootkits), and of unauthorized changes in routine processes.
- Monitors changes in the operating system registry. The application controls the status of the system registry and notifies users of any suspicious objects or attempts to create hidden keys in the registry.
- Blocks dangerous macros. Proactive protection affords control over the operation of macros based on Visual Basic for Applications in Microsoft Office documents and blocks dangerous macro-commands from being executed.
- System restore. The system can be restored after malicious activity. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 can roll back any changes made to the system by malicious programs.

*** Fast operating speeds:
- Technology for accelerated antivirus scanning. iSwift and iChecker technology make it possible to limit scanning to new and modified files, or to limit scanning to potentially dangerous objects only. Antivirus scanning can be suspended during times of increased user activity to ensure that your computer’s resources are free for your use.
- Reduced update sizes. The size of updates downloaded to users’ PC has been reduced almost 10 times (now amounting to several tens of kilobytes) in Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0, making our updates virtually instant.

Changes in version
1. Error that caused resource leakage in case of intense activity of third-party applications has been fixed.
2. Error that caused slowdown in operating system loading has been fixed.
3. Error that caused application crash during virus scan task execution has been fixed.
4. Error that occurred during the use of sysprep utility has been fixed.
5. Problem that cased errors while updating through the following proxies: UserGate 4.0, Usergate - 3.1, WinGate 3.0.5, has been eliminated.

Known problems:
1. Disinfection of e-mail databases in PST format attached to a message is not supported.
2. After work in the advanced disinfection mode to prevent an active infection links to deleted infected files may remain in the registry in some cases.
3. Application of defined settings in Microsoft Internet Explorer functions incorrectly if different proxy servers are specified for various protocols.
4. Scanning of VBA macros: monitoring of APIFUNCTION macro execution is disabled.

Homepage - http://www.kaspersky.com

Kaspersky Anti-Virus v6.0.2.621 - Final


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