13 мая 2007
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Portable BSPlayer Pro v2.21.950 Rus

BSPlayer - является одним из самых качественных проигрывателей видеофайлов с поддержкой практически всех современных видеоформатов (avi, asf, wmv, mpeg и пр.).
BSPlayer отличается широкой функциональностью, удобством пользовательского интерфейса и большим количеством настроек.

* BS.Player 2.21 Vista ready is out Version 2.21.950
* Added support for YUV mixing mode for VMR7 and VMR9 renderers
* Added 'Time/Length(%)' OSD option
* It's now possible to assign different icons for associated extensions, also custom icons are supported
* Folders can now also be dragged to playlist
* Added option to close file when 'Stop' button is pressed
* Improved overlay handling under Vista OS, Aero will be now temporarily disabled when overlay mode is selected
* Font smoothing now also works with 'Draw subtitles to Overlay surface' option checked
* Feature to automatically resize Subtitle and OSD fonts is now option
* Some fixes for capture devices (mainly cameras)
* Some other changes and bug fixes

Portable BSPlayer Pro v2.21.950 Rus

Скачать/Download - HTTP

Portable BSPlayer Pro v2.21.950 Rus

Скачать/Download - FTP

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