15 июня 2007
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Kerio WinRoute Firewall 6.3.1 Build 2906

Kerio WinRoute Firewall - разработана специально для защиты от внешних атак и вирусов, а также ограничения доступа пользователей к ряду сайтов на основе анализа их содержимого.
Достоинствами продукта Kerio WinRoute Firewall 6 являются: настраиваемый межсетевой экран; встроенный VPN-сервер на базе SSL, работающий как в режиме клиент-сервер, так и в режиме сервер-сервер; антивирусная защита на уровне шлюза; различные опции по фильтрации контента; управление доступом на уровне пользователей; поддержка VoIP и UpnP; прозрачная авторизация пользователей в доменах на базе Active Directory; Kerio Clientless SSL-VPN (безопасный доступ к общим сетевым ресурсам локальной сети через web-браузер); консоль удаленного управления; защита web-серфинга. Продукт Kerio WinRoute Firewall , как и другие продукты компании Kerio, сертифицирован ICSA Labs - уважаемой независимой организацией, определяющей стандарты качества для продуктов в области обеспечения безопасности.


Kerio WinRoute Firewall™ is a corporate gateway firewall for small and medium-sized businesses. Equipped with VPN server, optional embedded McAfee Anti-Virus, integrated customizable ISS Orange Web Filter, and user-specific Internet access management, Kerio WinRoute Firewall provides a multi-layer architecture for protecting networks, servers and users.
Kerio WinRoute Firewall sets new standards in versatility, security and user access control. Designed for corporate networks, it defends against external attacks and viruses and can restrict access to websites based on their content.

Stateful network firewall
Kerio WinRoute Firewall offers detailed rule definition to perform stateful inspection of all outgoing and incoming Internet traffic. A network rules wizard assists in the rapid setup of the firewall. ..

Fast Internet sharing
Support for DSL, cable modems, ISDN, satellite, dial-up or wireless Internet allows administrators to deploy Kerio WinRoute Firewall in networks of all sizes and in all locations. Users can share one or multiple Internet connections. Read more...

Antivirus protection
Kerio WinRoute Firewall provides optional scanning of inbound and outbound HTTP and FTP traffic for viruses. In addition to a version with integrated McAfee security, there are several other anti-virus options to choose from.

Content and web filtering
In corporate and educational environments, it is often desirable to ban access to websites with offensive or counterproductive content.

Kerio WinRoute Firewall has a built-in content classifier with a categorized database of websites powered by the Cobion Orange Filter Service.

Voice over IP support
Kerio WinRoute Firewall allows H.323 and SIP protocols to run behind it, eliminating the need to publicly expose the VoIP infrastructure to the Internet.

VPN support
Kerio WinRoute Firewall supports NAT traversal for IPSec and PPTP protocols, allowing a variety of third-party VPN solutions to be deployed easily.

UPnP support
Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) in Windows enables applications to communicate over the Internet. Kerio WinRoute Firewall integrates UPnP technology so that compliant applications such as MSN Messenger can run instantly without requiring additional configuration at the firewall.

Kerio WinRoute Firewall is a router firewall that is designed for corporate networks.

Protocol inspection
Protocol inspection helps certain applications with proprietary protocols (not originally designed with firewall negotiation in mind) to be used in secured local area networks. Many protocols can be scanned, filtered or modified, thus increasing firewall restrictiveness and reporting capabilities.

Network administration
The administration console can be installed remotely to allow secure configuration from anywhere on the network.

Active Directory integration
Introduced in Windows 2000 Server, Active Directory allows administrators to centrally manage and share information on user accounts and network resources. Transparent support for Active Directory allows Kerio WinRoute Firewall to access user information in real time.

Here are some key features of "Kerio WinRoute Firewall":
· Antivirus control cleans HTTP, FTP, SMTP & POP3 traffic.
· Surf protection prevents users from accessing inappropriate websites.
· One-click Kerio VPN Client securely connects remote workers.
· Transparent proxy cache server speeds up web browsing.
· Forced firewall login allows for stringent user-specific policies for web access.

Version 6.3.1 - May 30, 2007
* link to Login Page re-added to Deny Page
* Application Layer Gateway is now detected as conflicting service (it caused FTP connections to fail)
* 'Valid On' Traffic Rule setting now always affect all existing connections
* improvements in Web Interface layout in Safari
- VPN traffic may be dropped by Anti-spoofing on server operating systems
- fragmented packets were not handled correctly under certain
circumstances (some connections were blocked)
- antivirus process sometimes refused to use correctly licensed Avast
- antivirus process could crash with NOD32
- fixed crash caused by malformed StaR database file
- RFC non-compliant e-mail could become corrupted by SMTP inspector
- fixed accounting of FTP traffic through proxy server
- traffic histograms were missing in Administration Console
- redirect to website after successful login sometimes failed
- stability of the Administration Console was improved
- it was not possible to enable Clientless SSL-VPN user right in Administration Console without Kerio VPN installed

Kerio WinRoute Firewall 6.3.1 Build 2906

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Kerio WinRoute Firewall 6.3.1 Build 2906

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