21 июня 2007
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Преимущества Outpost Security Suite Pro:
Безопасная работа в Интернете
Основа Outpost Security Suite Pro - мощный, проверенный временем брандмауэр, который защищает вас от угроз во всемирной паутине. Он отслеживает каждое соединение вашего компьютера, предотвращая несанкционированные попытки локального и удаленного сетевого доступа. Контролируя входящий и исходящий трафик приложений, брандмауэр останавливает попытки вредоносного ПО передать данные с вашего компьютера или на него.

Agnitum Outpost Security Suite PRO 2007 (Build 1240.617.292)

Agnitum Outpost Security Suite - a robust combination of award-winning firewall, fast and effective anti-malware, personalized antispam and proactive Host Protection module to defend against the majority of Internet risks. Includes automated configuration service and other user aids.
Outpost Security Suite Pro provides the first line of defense against rogue software by proactively controlling how programs behave and interact on a PC. The Host Protection safeguard, which proactively monitors for and blocks the kinds of sophisticated hacking techniques used to compromise or steal data, means that malicious activity is no longer possible. By analyzing threats and displaying actionable alerts, Host Protection stops zero-day attacks and shields the computer against inappropriate operations, rendering it “defended in advance” against security risks like botnets and inadvertent data disclosure.

Outpost Security Suite Pro Benefits:

Safe surfing
The robust, time-tested firewall at the heart of Outpost Security Suite Pro shields you from the web’s darker side. It watches your computer’s every connection, preventing local and remote unauthorized network access. By controlling applications’ inbound and outbound Internet access, the firewall stops malware from communicating to and from your PC.

Preemptive threat protection
The first line of defense against most malware attacks is the suite’s unique program interaction safeguard, which proactively monitors for and blocks the kinds of sophisticated hacking techniques used to compromise or steal data. Your data will be safe from inappropriate access, and potential zero-day attacks will be foiled by Outpost’s application behavior analysis. These advanced technologies deliver preemptive protection against the majority of threats.

360-degree protection against malware
The suite’s lightweight yet effective malware scanner that combines anti-virus and anti-spyware capabilities detects and quarantines or removes viruses, spyware and other malicious software automatically. The resident on-access monitor is constantly on guard against malware idly lying or activating, yet has little or no impact on system performance.

Always-on defense
Outpost Security Suite Pro uses specialized techniques to ensure that its own protection cannot be disabled by targeted malware that’s designed to do just that.

Personalized antispam
The antispam engine will keep your inbox free of junk email. You can train it to recognize and use your personal definition of spam, so it becomes more efficient and an even greater time saver the longer you use it.

Powerful protection that’s easy to use
For beginners, Outpost Security Suite Pro offers extensive assistance in making the best use of the Program’s powerful features to correctly configure their protection. From live assistance through the interface to the ImproveNet system of automatic configurations to the clearly written documentation, the suite is easy for even a novice to use. Advanced users will welcome the wealth of control options and customizable settings they can use to customize their own configurations, and the streamlined interface will deliver more productive and less intrusive protection for all users, no matter what their level of expertise.

Changes in Outpost Security Suite Pro 2007 (build 1240.617.292), June 21, 2007:
The following issues are fixed (only significant ones are listed):
- Issues while updating from different versions
- Issues while updating malware signatures database
- Outpost Security Suite could crash if working concurrently with "DaemonTools"
- Wrong data could be displayed at the scanning results step
- Outpost Security Suite could crash on displaying alerts and prompts
- Memory leak during scanning for malware
- False positives while scanning for malware
- Applications on the Anti-Malware exclusions list could be blocked
- Outpost Security Suite could crash during scanning for malware
- Outpost Security Suite could crash on processing network activity
- Outpost Security Suite could crash on logging events
- Self-protection false positives (including on opening Log Viewer and launching an update)
- Sometimes e-mail attachments were not scanned
- Outpost Security Suite could freeze after scanning folder with a big number of malware samples
- Alerts about blocking malware could get cycled on an infected PC
- Anti-Malware plug-in settings were not saved in an imported configuration
- Improved process isolation mechanism (self-protection)
- Sandbox driver could crash under rootkits
- Optimized malware scanning
- Localization and interface issues
- Outpost Security Suite could crash if working concurrently with "World of Warcraft"

Homepage - http://www.agnitum.com/products/security-suite/

Size: 35.5 MB


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