14 мая 2008
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BSplayer Pro 2.28 Build 964 Multilingual

BSplayer Pro - мультимедиа проигрыватель с поддержкой скинов. BSplayer Pro позволяет воспроизводить почти все современные видеоформаты. Весьма непритязателен к аппаратным ресурсам. Поддерживает скины, плей-листы и субтитры (сделанные практически во всех известных программах), временную коррекцию субтитров, масштабирование изображения, внешние источники звука и S/PDIF выход для AC3 файлов. Имеется также поддержка Pan-scan (стандартный и ручной режимы), функция progressive rendering, позволяющая избавиться от выпадания кадров, захват кадров, эквалайзер, поддержка IR дистанционных пультов управления (WinLIRC), закладок и ускоренного/замедленного просмотра.

World's most popular multimedia player! Ever since the very beginning in the year 2000, the BS.Player™ has been one of the world's most popular multimedia players. It is popular for many reasons, one however should be pointed out: BS.Player™ is the first player ever to enable its users to focus on watching the movie instead of dealing with poor computer capabilities or running around looking for a proper setting and codec. BS.Player™ is a Windows ® player that plays back all kinds of all sort of media files ( avi / mpg / asf / wmv / wav / mp3...) and specialises in video and divx playback. It can also display subtitles. Also available are different skins for this player.

Capture Video to file

You can capture video from any source directly into any format that your preinstalled codecs support (such as most popular DivX, XviD, 3IVX...).

Integrated subtitle editor

Easy to use but extremely powerful subtitle editor. Edit and convert various FPS rates to the ones you need (23FPS to 25FPS for example), correct bad subtitle timings and save repaired subtitle to a .srt file...

Network file buffering

BS.Player PRO will buffer desired portion of a file to a cache, and play it from cache instead of playing it directly from drive. You can buffer from CD drives, network drives, wireless networks... No more laggy playback!

DVD playback

Play all your DVD's with low CPU requirement and with highest quality. (mpeg2 decoder required)

Changes in BS.Player 2.28.964:

* two subtitles can now be displayed simultaneously
* added option to seek to nearest keyframe (for AVI and MKV files)
* added native support for APE file format (Monkey's Audio)
* added native support for FLAC file format
* some ML and PL improvements
* DVD subtitles under VISTA with EVR didn't work, fixed
* fixed problems with some rar archives (when file name was NAME.partNNN.rar), it will now be played properly
* fixed problem with EVR renderer on Vista, when Aero was disabled picture was not filtered (pixelated)
* on Windows Vista after Preferences window was closed all custom programs returned to default (Web browser, e-mail client...), fixed
* fixed crash when opening old-style playlist if Media library was opened
* some types of embedded ASS subtitles were not properly detected, fixed

Homepage: http://www.bsplayer.org

Size: 20.22 MB

BSplayer Pro 2.28 Build 964 Multilingual

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