1 августа 2008
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Жажда скорости 2008

Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: Жажда скорости 2008
Жанр: Club
Год выхода: 2008
Формат: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 128 kbps
Треки: 200
Размер: 697 MB


001_DJ Aligator - Kaos (DJ Choose i Michael Splint Vocal Remix)
002_Alex C feat. Yass - Sweetest Ass In The World (Alex K Remix)
003_Dirty Boyz - Lick Me (Alex M vs Marc Van Damme remix)
004_Re-Animator vs Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby (Topmodelz radio edit)
005_K - Happy Childen (Gith Hands Up Remix)
006_O-Seven - Bootleg Pizza
007_Rushroom feat. Fara - Better Off Alone
008_Scooter - The Question Is What Is The Question
009_Till West i Eddie Thoneick Vs. - Hi 'n' Bye
010_Brooklyn Bounce - Sex, Bass i Rock N Roll (Club Mix)
011_6T2 - Zabadak (Mark-w Radio Mix)
012_Alchemist Project - Viva Carnival (Radio Edit)
013_Kindervater feat. Nadja - Everytime You Need Me
014_Ivory - Ghostbusters (Steve N King Radio Cut)
015_2B4TH - Never Alone 2 (Juno's Radio Rmx)
016_X2X - Later (Mainfield remix edit)
017_Yanou feat. Mark Daviz - A Girl Like You (Discotronic remix edit)
018_Regi and BP - AAA Anthem
019_2-4 Grooves - St. Elmo's Fire (Topmodelz radio edit)
020_Mario Lopez - You Came
021_Trix i Flix feat. Shaggy - Like A Superstar (Radio Edit)
022_Al - Faris i Freakquencer - Let It All Out (Shout)
023_Backside Artists - Freed From Desire
024_Cascada - Runaway
025_dBrotherz - Rock In The Disco
026_Dj Gollum feat. Felixx - Fairytale Gone Bad
027_Johnny Crockett - Theme Form Shout (Hi Tack Radio Mix)
028_LIQUID360 - Strip (Roland KS Hands Up radio edit)
029_Pulsedriver - Koma
030_89Ers - The 89Ers Boy
031_Tune Up - Ravers Fantasy (radio mix)
032_Strike One - Abracadabra (Project Massive Short Remix)
033_Redrox feat. Randee Give Me Emotions (Made In Italy And Red Remix)
034_Pimp Code - Raise Your Head Up
035_DJ Mns vs E-Maxx - Sempre Sempre
036_Crazy Ravers - By My Side (Pure Dust Remix)
037_Bodyheat - If You Wanna Party (Fred de F radio edit mix)
038_Armin Van Buuren - If You Should Go
039_Dancevibes i Flashtune - The Ultimate (Original Mix)
040_Tom Le Mont Feat Starship - We Built This Ci (Topmodelz Radio Mix)
041_R.I.O. - De Janeiro
042_Megara Vs. DJ Lee - The Goddess
043_Overdrive Division - Paradise
044_Ultra Flirt - I Was Made for Loving You (Original single mix)
045_Andrew Spencer - To Be With You (2-4 Grooves Radio Edit)
046_Boys Boys Boys - You Should Be Dancing (the Euro remix)
047_Delaction - Free Radical (Rob Mayth Remix Edit)
048_Commercial Club Crew - La Luna (Rick Tale Radio Remix)
049_Fantasy Project - Crazy Baby 2008 (Club radio edit)
050_Klaas - The Way
051_Pompero - Pompero
052_The Hitmen - Side By Side
053_Sixties Sleepers - Oh Carol (Stee Wee Bee Remix Edit)
054_Whigfield - Think of You (Sunloverz Big Room Mix Edit)
055_Grissom i Stokes - I Get A Rush (Dj Gollum Radio Mix)
056_DJ Balloon - Bad i Sexy (Remix)
057_Chris Decay - Shining (Alegria)
058_Timbaland feat. One Republic - Apologize (Flashtune Hands Up! Remix)
059_Scooter - Neveredning Story
060_Nelson Montarello feat. Timoto - Magic In Your Eyes (Radio Edit)
061_Vito V feat. Anna Berardi - Love Is Paradise
062_Iklip - Turning For You (Ma Bra Remix)
063_Fantasy Project - Stay (Pizzy vs. Crazy Remix)
064_Dj Merlin i C-Bass - Trancemission (Dj Dean Radio Mix)
065_Darude - My Game
066_Basshunter - Now You're Gone (Radio Edit)
067_The Real Booty Babes - Derb
068_Kim Leoni - Medicine (Topmodelz Radio Mix)
069_Delusion feat. Stu Hughes - Killer 2008 (Corky mix)
070_Jump Starz - Boten Anna
071_Antibazz vs. DJ A.L.E.X. - We Like Marijuana (Airplay edit)
072_Bazzpitchers - We Are One
073_Delaforce - Without You
074_Global Deejays feat. Rozalla - Everybody's Free
075_Jajo And Gith - Kick Down (Splash Edit)
076_Liz Kay - Castles in the Sky (Cascada Remix)
077_Nasty Boys - Please Stay (Freestylerz Melodyned Club Remix)
078_Peter Gelderblom - Waiting 4
079_Sexy Lovers feat. X - Loopers Kiss Me! (Village Playboyz Remix)
080_Twenty 4 Seven Feat. Elle - Like Flames (Pulsedriver Remix)
081_Antoine Clamaran i Mario Ochoa - Give Some Love
082_Black Box vs. Paffendorf - Mash Up
083_Dj Dean - Peace Love i Xtc
084_D.O.N.S i DBN feat. Kadoc - The Nighttrain (Kc Baker And John Morley Remix)
085_Eddy Wata - La Bomba 08 (Taki Vs Spyer Hello Jamaica Remix)
086_Groove Coverage - Living On A Prayer 2008
087_Dj Aligator - Kaos (Club Mix)
088_Danceable - Little Lie (Dj Xelerator Radio Edit)
089_Rocco i Bass-T - Tell Me When (Pimp! Code Radio Edit)
090_Scooter - Jumping All Over The World (The Jacques Renault Club Mix)
091_Alex Deluxe - Final Fantasy (Darren Tech remix)
092_Cascada - What Do You Want From Me
093_Bossanova - Stonecold (Shogs 2Faces Remix)
094_DJ E Maxx - Monster Machine (Monster Machine Extended)
095_Hampenberg - Grab that Thing 2008 (radio edit)
096_Samantha - U-Turn (Radio Edit)
097_Pimp Code - You Know (Ti-Mo Remix Edit)
098_Dj Mikesh - 2 Know Good (Teenagerz Rmx Edit)
099_Clubbticket - I Believe In Love
100_Alex C feat. Yass - Du Hast Den Schoensten Arsch Der Welt (Basshunters Bass My Ass remix)
101_Bangbros - I Engineer (Single Edit)
102_Charly Lownoise i Mental Theo - Wonderful Days 2.08
103_DJ Bart - Lola
104_Hampenberg - Acid Disco Plastic Electro
105_Greatest Deejay - The Lucky Ones
106_Lawrence - Relax Take it Easy (Dance remix)
107_Peter K i S.Dean - Oh Baby, You Can Feel It (2008 Extended Mix)
108_Ti - Mo Put Your Hands Up for New York (radio edit)
109_Space Cowboy - Running Away
110_Belmond i Parker - Sax U Up
111_DJ NLSiO vs. DJ Kicken - Living on Video (Single Edit)
112_Lost N Found - Be My Baby (Airplay Version)
113_Spacecube - Forever Again
114_Tiesto feat. Jes Jes - Everything
115_David Guetta - Baby When The Light
116_Michael Mind - Dont Walk Away
117_Axel Coon - Promise Me
118_Britney Spears - Piece Of Me (Tiesto Club Remix)
119_Shanna - It Is Forbidden (Il Est Interdit)
120_Jan Wayne i Scarlet - Time Stood Still (Handz Up Edit)
121_DJ Porny - Still Horny (Topmodelz Radio Edit)
122_Freakadelika - Just Freakin' (Radio Edit)
123_Paxi - Discoschlampe (Lazy Rockkaz Electro Porno Radio Mix)
124_Shanie - Don't Give Me Your Life (Maximum Spell Remix)
125_Basslovers United - Music (Alex M Vs. Marc Van Damme Remix Edit)
126_Cj Stone - Be Loved
127_Ken Sato - So We Are Young (Gith Hands Up Remix)
128_Sex Appeal - Sensuality (radio edit)
129_Tobbe i Gabbe - Sommaren (Bass Rockers Remix)
130_Beattraax - Don't Leave Me Alone (Extended Mix)
131_Danzel - Clap Your Hands (radio mix)
132_Antibuzz - Is She Really Going Out With Him
133_Steve Twain vs Escape One - Upside Down (Discotronic Radio Edit)
134_Azora - Tell You A Secret

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