17 сентября 2015
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Telerik Platform Ultimate Collection .NET 2015 Q2 SP1 (17/09/15)

Telerik Platform Ultimate Collection .NET 2015 Q2 SP1 (17/09/15)

Telerik Platform Ultimate Collection .NET 2015 Q2 SP1 | 915.53 MB

Visualize your ideas
Create interactive mobile app prototypes using a drag and drop library of shapes. Send prototypes to your team to get contextual in-line feedback or export to HTML to serve as your project's foundation.

Code in your IDE or ours
Turn your favorite code editor into a full mobile development environment. Code inside your web browser, our desktop client, Visual Studio, Sublime Text or use our command-line interface (CLI) to integrate with your existing build process.

Connect your app to data
Create on-demand cloud services to power your mobile app, including: data services, push notifications, email services, SMS and more. Or connect to your existing databases, including MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL.

Find bugs before your users do
Use automated testing to proactively find problems by continually testing your app on mobile devices, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Write your tests using javascript then execute them across multiple platforms.

Publish to app stores, public or private
Distribute your mobile app to public app stores, including Apple AppStore, Google Play or the Windows Phone store. Or choose private app distribution to users through your own private app store.

Control access to your app
Keep your app secure by creating roles and permissions, then ensure users run the latest version of your mobile app by pushing updates to their devices across any mobile platform.

Measure user activity
Learn how users interact with your mobile apps via detailed analytics. Track which features are used most, capture run-time crashes, identify performance bottlenecks and view real-time reports.

What's new in Telerik Ultimate 2015 Q2 SP1:
- UI for Xamarin Cross-Platform 2015.2 721
- UI for ASP.NET AJAX 2015.2 729
- Web Parts for SharePoint 2015.2 623
- UI for WinForms 2015.2 728
- UI for WPF 2015.2 728
- Reporting 9.1 15.731
- UI for Windows Universal 2015.2 624
- UI for Silverlight 2015.2 728
- JustCode 2015.2 724
- Data Access 2015.2 624
- JustMock 2015.2 616
- JustTrace 2015.2 616
- JustDecompile 2015.2 623
- UI for Windows Phone 8 2015.2 624
- UI for iOS 2015.2 0624
- UI for Android 2015.2 721




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