5 октября 2015
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LEGO Education Activity Packs (2009686-2009689)

LEGO Education Activity Packs (2009686-2009689)

LEGO Education Activity Packs (2009686-2009689) | 1.4 Gb

The Lego Group, a known worldwide for its plastic brick toys, presented LEGO Activity Packs 2009686/2009689 (version 1.1). The LEGO Education WeDo platform, powered by LabVIEW, redefines classroom robotics, making it possible for primary school students ages 7 to 11 to build and program their own solutions.
LEGO Education WeDo provides a hands-on learning experience that actively engages children's creative thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. The WeDo environment is programmed with simple, drag-and-drop software created in LabVIEW.

- LEGO Activity Pack ror Simple & Powered Machines (2009686)
With this activity pack students get a fundamental understanding of simple machines, structures and mechanisms. The pack features 37 principle model activities, 14 main activities, including extension activities, and six problem-solving tasks. Flash animations introduce the activities. Teacher's notes, student worksheets and glossary included.
- LEGO Activity Pack ror Simple Machines Set (2009689) version 1.1
The Simple Machines Activity Pack, designed for use with the Simple Machines Set, features a series of 16 principle activities, four main activities, and four problem-solving, hands-on activities that will develop elementary students' understanding of basic physical science concepts such as gears, pulleys, levers, and wheels and axles through observation, reasoning, prediction, and critical thinking. Additionally, the activity pack is aligned to both NSTA and NCTM standards. Includes teacher notes, student worksheets, images for classroom use, classroom management tips, glossary, and element survey that will empower educators to achieve success immediately.

About LEGO Education

Learning is at the very core of the LEGO Group's values.We created LEGO Education to deliver teacher-tested, classroom -ready solutions for engaging and inspiring young learners. LEGO Education combines the unique, inspiring qualities of LEGO bricks with subject-specific tools and curricula so classroom teachers can meet key learning objectives. It's a LEGO way to teach!

At LEGO Education, we work with teachers and classrooms every day to help support educational experiences that will prepare today's students for tomorrow's world.





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