6 октября 2015
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SonicCouture Broken Wurli KONTAKT DVDR

SonicCouture Broken Wurli KONTAKT DVDR

SonicCouture Broken Wurli KONTAKT DVDR | 3.48 Gb

Why did we sample a Broken Wurlitzer 200A electric piano? We were asking around producers we know, to see if anyone had any junky, but cool sounding old keyboards ; Neil Davidge, producer for Massive Attack, said "..erm, I have an old Wurlizer piano with a dodgy distorting speaker that sounds great". So, we borrowed it, and he was right, it did sound really great.

The left hand speaker breaks up and sounds absolutely savage, while the right hand speaker does the expected 'clean' (but lo-fi) sound. We wanted to sample it, so we conducted some experiments with just recording single notes from the speaker with a microphone, and it sounded very cool - giving the iconic Wurlizter tone some real drive and bite.

Growling and snarling or warm and mellow
Broken Wurli is a totally unique electric piano instrument - using the 3 dials ( below) on the front panel you can mix any sound you need ; from classic, clean line out, to growling distortion and buzzing chords. The 3 round-robin layers make the playing experience feel very real - this is the first sampled electric piano we have played that really feels physical and mechanical.

Recording the broken-ness
To make sure the full nastiness of the broken speaker distortion was fully captured, 4 different mics were used in the studio. A pair of vintage 1970s AKG 414s, one on each speaker, to record the warmth and low end. Then an SM57, for an essential dynamic mic sound, and finally we settled on a Sennheiser e600 series dynamic mic for a further contrasting character. The mics were then mixed down to a mono channel for each speaker.

Racks of character
The mics were paired with some esoteric 1970s preamps by Neumann and Siemens. The line-out signal was also recorded simultaneously, giving the 3 distinct sounding channels that make up the Broken Wurli instrument. The vintage character of the recording ( made at Lodge Studios, Surrey, England ), combined with the 3 round robin alternate sample layers and the 9 velocity layers make this the most solid, realistic sounding sampled electric piano we've ever heard.

- 8GB Sample library (4GB NCW lossless compression)
- 24bit 44.1khz Sampling
- 3 mixable channels
- 3 Round robin layers, 9 velocity layers
- Key-off samples & noise layer
- Kontakt Player compatible
- Electric Piano & Sound Design Preset

Instrument Panel
- Level + pan control for broken speaker, good speaker and line out
- Output noise level control
- ADSR envelope, switchable to Filter E.G.
- Low pass filter with velocity sensitivity
- Tremolo control

Effects Panel
- Auto-wah, auto-pan, chorus, phaser, delay & convolution reverb
- Compressor, cabinet, EQ and distortion effects

Options Panel
- Velocity setup with curve adjustment
- Memory management control allows unloading of unused samples
- Key-off level control
- output noise envelope adjustment

Kontakt player compatible - v 4.2.4 or above required.




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